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Tuesday, 06 June 2017 02:58

Rubber high-pressure hose need to pay attention to what the problem?

Rubber high-pressure hose need to pay attention to what? In order to ensure the safe and reliable use of high-pressure hose assembly, in addition to the above provisions, the following matters should pay special attention.
1, the pressure: hose specified working pressure is usually not less than the maximum system pressure, only in the case of infrequent use, it is allowed to increase by 20%; for frequent use, often bent to reduce the 40%. If the impact pressure of the system is higher than the working pressure specified by the hose, it will not only reduce the service life of the hose, but also may cause the personal equipment accident.
2, temperature: fluid temperature and ambient temperature, whether it is stable or instantaneous, shall not exceed the temperature limit of the hose, the temperature is lower or higher than the recommended temperature of the hose, can reduce the hose performance, resulting in hose Damaged, causing leakage.
3, fluid compatibility: the fluid in the hose should be consistent with the provisions of the product used in the provisions of the provisions beyond the provisions of the use of the pipe can not guarantee the life and safety.
4, the appropriate end of the connection: the nuts are easy to connect, low cost is widely used, but the larger vibration, to fully take into account the nut loose problem, this time can be considered to take the blue connection.

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