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Tuesday, 13 June 2017 09:44

High pressure hose production process

Mixing the inner layer glue, the middle layer glue and the outer layer with the kneading machine by the kneading machine; extruding the inner layer hose with an extruder, covering the soft core or the hard core coated with the release agent (liquid nitrogen freezing method Can also do not die); calendering machine into the middle of the film, plus release agent winding and according to the requirements of the process required to cut the required width; will contain the inner tube hose in the winding machine or knitting machine wrapped around the copper wire or copper Wire rope, at the same time in the winding machine or knitting machine will be laminated in the middle of the two layers of laminated copper wire or copper wire rope between the wire, winding wire at the beginning and end of the banding (some early winding machine to be pre-copper-plated steel wire pre-stress stereotypes Treatment;) again in the extruder coated with the outer layer of plastic, and then wrapped with lead or cloth vulcanized protective layer; vulcanized tank or salt bath vulcanization; the final removal of vulcanized protective layer, out of the die, withholding on the pipe joints, Sampling pressure test.
In short, the manufacture of high-pressure hose using more equipment, more types of raw materials, the production process is complex. But in recent years to plastic or thermoplastic elastomer as the main raw material of the hydraulic tubing production process may be appropriate to simplify, but the high raw material prices, rubber raw materials are still the main

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