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Tuesday, 08 August 2017 08:37

The cause of the life of the ultrahigh pressure hose

Ultra-high pressure hose is an important part of the ultra-high pressure cleaner, it is connected to the nozzle and ultra-high pressure pump important original. In the use of ultra-high pressure cleaner, the impact of high pressure hose life there are many factors, in addition to the hose in the production process of the level of the inner and the quality of the joint performance, the use of ultra-high pressure hose and the correct use And many other factors, are on the life of ultra-high pressure hose has a great impact. The following describes the impact of ultra-high pressure hose life of the three major factors:
First, the pressure match
Use and select the ultra-high pressure hose, according to the working pressure of ultra-high pressure cleaner as the basis, the correct selection of the appropriate pressure level hose. When the actual pressure used exceeds the specified pressure of 1.25 times, the working life of the hose will drop by 50%.
In addition, the impact of ultra-high pressure hose life is very large and there are ultra-high pressure cleaner in the process of pressure fluctuations, high pressure spray gun, control valve instantaneous opening and closing caused by the tube fluid pressure fluctuations and other factors. It is recommended in the purchase of ultrahigh pressure hose, should be based on the working pressure of 1.5 times to choose. For example: ultra-high pressure cleaner working pressure of 1200bar, should use the working pressure of 1800-2000bar ultrahigh pressure hose. This can greatly extend the service life of ultrahigh pressure hoses.
Second, the path matching
When equipped with ultrahigh pressure hose according to the requirements of ultra-high pressure cleaning machine host selection, because the pressure and flow of ultra-high pressure cleaning machine has a very strict provisions or restrictions, changes in the diameter of the tube will affect the high-pressure water jet front-end work Strike force and system balance. Experiments show that the diameter of 4mm ultrahigh pressure hose to replace the specified diameter of 5mm ultrahigh pressure hose, the results of life down to the original one-third.
Third, the ultra-high pressure hose on the use, storage and storage of specific requirements
(1) the high pressure cleaner in the working state, the hose shall not be distorted, and try to avoid bending. If you need to bend, you have to ensure that the bending radius is not too small, generally not less than 15 times the tube diameter, otherwise it will lead to reinforcement layer outside the wire is stretched, the inner wire will be compressed, thereby reducing the entire high pressure hose Pressure strength, and ultimately affect the life of the hose.
(2) ultra-high pressure cleaner in the working state, the high pressure hose can not be heavy objects rolling, sharp knives, do not bend, to protect the outer layer should not wear excessive; suspension use of high-pressure pipe to a short distance fixed The
(3) in the specific cleaning operation of the operation, to try to avoid frequent open and closed high pressure spray gun, in order to reduce the pressure pulse on the hose, thereby extending the life of the hose.
(4) In order to prevent the occurrence of the accident, to prevent the joints off or damage when wounding, high pressure hose should be provided at the junction of the wire braided protective sleeve at both ends.
(5) In the installation and removal of high pressure hose connection, can not be forced to remove the strong screw, to protect the threaded thread of the thread, while the installation of the need to apply the outer surface of the thread Lubricating viscous oil, after the use of protective cover to protect the connection thread The
(6) ultra-high pressure hose for a long time without the use of the circumstances, should be emptying the internal water, in accordance with the provisions of the size of the hose will be bent after the plate set. Need special attention is the ultra-high pressure hose joints near the bend, joints should be coated with anti-rust oil, to avoid exposure to high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive media.

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