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Wednesday, 03 April 2019 06:07

Rotary Drilling Hose China Manufacturer

PME Industrial manufacture and supply the Drilling Rig Rotary Hose, High Pressure Drilling hose, Vibrator hoseFlexible choke and kill linesBOP ControlhoseCement Hose, Mud Hose, Kelly Hose.


Drilling hoses are used for flexible connection between standpipe and swivel (Rotary Drilling) or between mud pump and standpipe (RotaryVibrator) for pumping mud at extra high pressure in oil drilling work, up to 93 C degree.


PME Manufacture Standard:

Grade D 5000psi W.P. – 10000psi Test

Grade E 7500psi W.P. – 15000psi Test



All PME Hoses are certified by API Spec 7K, API Spec 16C, Sizes in 2½”, 3”, 3 ½”, 4”, 5”


Accessories for PME Industrial Oilfield Hose are Safety Clamps, Hoselift eye, collar clamp and stainless steel armor.


For the detailed request, PME professional team is at your service 7x24 hours. 

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