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Tuesday, 16 April 2019 04:06

Shale Gas Exploration, Major Breakthrough!

According to media reports, it was learned from Sinopec that after the Fuling shale gas field, Sinopec's shale gas exploration and development has made another major breakthrough: Wei (Yuan) Rong (county) shale gas field submitted proved reserves of 124.7 billion cubic meters, this year will The production capacity of 1 billion cubic meters was built; the first high-yield shale gas well with a depth of more than 4,200 meters in the Dingshan-Dongxi block was drilled in the east page of the 1st deep well, and the high-yield gas flow of 310,000 cubic meters per day was obtained, breaking through the buried depth. 4000 m shale gas well fracturing technology.

It is understood that shale gas is the unconventional natural gas with the largest technical recoverable reserves in China. From the perspective of the 13th Five-Year Plan for energy development at the national level, it can be estimated that the total natural gas consumption in 2020 is about 368.4 billion square meters. The shale gas industry analysis pointed out that according to the 2020 shale gas production of 30 billion square meters, shale gas accounts for 8.1% of China's natural gas consumption, becoming an important part of China's natural gas supply.

Previously, Wang Yilin, chairman of CNPC during the “two sessions”, said that PetroChina had adjusted its shale gas production target. In 2020, shale gas production will strive to reach 12 billion cubic meters, and by 2025, the output will reach 24 billion cubic meters. Against the background of ensuring energy security and rapid growth of natural gas consumption, we expect that oil and gas exploration and development investment in the next 2-3 years will not be completely dependent on oil prices and will continue to grow steadily.

As early as 2016, the National Energy Administration issued the "Shale Gas Development Plan (2016-2020)", which proposed that China strives to achieve 30 billion cubic meters of shale gas production in 2020 and 80 billion cubic meters of shale gas production in 2030. Rice to 100 billion cubic meters. The 100 billion cubic meters of atmospheric fields discovered this time indicate that the potential of related resources is huge. The data shows that China's oil and natural gas growth has slowed down, coalbed methane has declined, and the proven reserves of shale gas have exceeded the trillion cubic meters. . It shows that the resources available for shale gas in the future are huge, and the industrial chain companies are welcoming development opportunities.

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