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Friday, 02 August 2019 03:13

Where to buy high quality cementing hoses from China?

High pressure cementing hose with safety clamps are used in oil and gas industrial from Shanghai PME Industrial, China leading rubber hoses supplier and manufacturers. As world-renowned oilfield hose suppliers, Parker Cementing hoses with safety clamps, Gates High Pressure Black Gold Cement Hoses, NRP Jones 10K Cementing Hoses, PME cement slurry hoses are designed for long lasting performance, working pressure from 10000 psi to 15000 psi tailored to various industry application. 


For sourcing high quality cementing hoses with safety clamps to handle abrasive and corrosive cements for land and offshore drilling rigs application, PME specialized API 7K cement slurry hoses are ideal connections for conveying cement slurries at high pressure from cementing pump manifold to the cementing heads. 


PME API 7K Mud and Cement Hoses with safety clamps are with fittings hammer weco unions and API flanges. 

PME Cementing Hoses, 2" x 15K 10 ft, Test 22500 Psi

Gates Black Gold Cementing Hose, 2 ID x 30 Feet Long,  10000 Psi

Gates API 7K Cementing Hoses, 3 ID x 46 Feet Length, 15K, 5" FIG 1502 Female Sub, 15000 Psi Working Pressure, 22500 Psi Testing Pressure 

PME Cementing Hoses Assembly with safety clamps, 2 I.D. , 16 Mtrs Working Pressure 10000 Psi, Testing Pressure 15000 Psi, with connection 2 ID FIG 1502 Male Hammer Weco Unions

High Pressure Hoses, 2" 5000 Psi 20 ft FIG 1502 Grade D Cementing Hose, 5K WP C/W 2" FIG 1502 Male Female


RFQs by ID, length, working pressure, connection, best price will be offered accordingly. 


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