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How to test pressure API 7K Rotary Vibrator Hose and API 16C Choke and Kill Lines?

Brief of PME Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Oilfield hoses supplied by PME Industrial like Rotary Vibrator Hoses, Mud Hoses, Kelly Hoses, High Pressure Drilling Hoses, Choke and Kill Hoses, Coflex Hoses, Coflexip Type Hoses, BOP Control Hoses, are pressure tested after production. All hoses are delivered from PME factory packaged with Mill Inspection Certificate, Mill Certs, COC,Technical Drawing, Certificate of Conformance, Test Inspection Documentation. 

What is the Hydrostatic Tests ( Hydrotest)?

Hydrostatic tests are performed for a minimum of 5 minutes at 1.5 or 2 of working pressure of PME Hoses API 7K and API 16C approved. During the hydrostatic test (hydrotest), PME Hoses are straight, not coiled position. The connection fittings of hoses are rated at least the same pressure as the maximum working pressure to be applied. Pressure testing is to show no sign of leaking or coupling movement during the pressure up to test pressure for five (5) minutes. 


PME Rubber Hoses Pressure Testing Report Sample

The  pressure test inspection chart below is showing pressure time curve of PME Flexible Choke Kill Line, 2" x 10000 Psi x 50ft in April, 2019. 

Inspection Dept.: PME Quality Testing Center

Completed by: PME Quality Inspector

Location: PME Workshop

Date: April, 2019

Inspection Item: PME Hoses Pressure Test

Testing Equipment: PME Pressure Testing System

Testing Pressure: 103.68 MPa

Pressure Holding Time: 60 mins 18 s

Testing Standard: API Spec 16C

Result: Approved



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