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Wednesday, 09 October 2019 09:20

Where to buy high pressure well testing hoses 3 inch 3-1/16 flanges API 16C 10000 Psi 15000 Psi?

Are you looking for high pressure flexible hose lines for well testing service application? 

Check PME Industrial well test production hoses and well stimulation acidizing hoses can be up to working pressure 15,000 psi. All well testing hoses of PME are produced and pressure test as API 16C Standard. Feel free to contact PME Industrial for technical specification, assembly drawings and datasheet. 

Well testing hoses, certified by API 16C Specs, also named coflexip type hose, choke and kill hose lines and coflex hose. PME hoses are delivered with UT inspection, Hydro Test and 3rd Party Inspection like SGS inspection company, DNV witness, Bureau Veritas certificates as PME clients require. All manufacturing documents package for hoses are offered in English version. 


PME high pressure flexible hoses, SS armored, stainless steel outer, top quality as choke and kill hoses manufacturer Europe, choke and kill line hose contitech rubber, phoenix choke kill hose, coflex hose Italy, spiral wrapped coflex hose Grad D, Technip choke and kill lines, gates choke and kill hoses

We offer large options API 16 C Hoses for your well testing, drilling, fracking function, for standard service and H2S sour service, working temperature up to 121 Degree as API 16C Standard. 

The photos below are about PME well production test lines H2S service (NACE MR-01-75), ID 3", WP 15,000 Psi, TP 22,500 Psi, termination with 3-1/16" API Flanges 15K Psi. 

More coflexip type hose spec and PDF catalog, like 3 in co flex hose, 4 coflexip hose rig stand pipe, coflex hose 2 fig1502, choke and kill hose 4 1 16, coflexip hose 2.1 16, well testing hose 10k 4 60ft, weight of 120 ft coflexip type hose 4, you're welcomed to contact PME sales team.


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