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Thursday, 31 October 2019 08:07

Suction Discharge Hoses 8 Inch 300 Psi Flanges

PME Industrial S/D suction and discharge hoses are ready for collected. 

Discharge suction line hose assembly is mainly used for transfer a variety of liquids for offshore marine application. Working pressure of PME suction hose is from 150 psi, 200 psi to 300 psi, with hose ID in 6 inch suction hose, 8 inch discharge hose, 10 inch water suction discharge hose, 12 inch oil suction discharge hose. 

Connection of PME Industrial suction and discharge hoses are hammer unions, flanges and male thread. 

All hoses supplied by PME can pass third party inspection like ABS approval, DNV inspeciton, SGS testing reports. 

For more technical specification, please reach PME sales team. We'll response you fast and professionally. 

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