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Thursday, 05 December 2019 09:22

Flowline Forging Material 35CrMo 4130 Alloy Steel

Shanghai PME Industrial forge flowline products for oil industry for years. 


Flowline includes high pressure swivel joints (Style 10 & Style 50)integral pup joints (2" FIG1502) , hose loops, plug valves (2x2 FIG1502)integral fittings and hammer unions for standard and sour service. 


PME is in production of precision die forgings for petroleum, railway, forks and construction machinery. PME forging products for oilfield flowline use quality material like 35CrMo, Alloy Steel 4130 or other steel grade required by our client. 


After forging, heat treatment machining and painting, PME supply completed flowline  products worldwide. 


Send us your technical requirements, PME team will offer you best price with drawings. 


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