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Monday, 13 February 2017 06:20

Composite hose processing process need to do what protection work

Composite hose storage on the ambient temperature need to start a comprehensive protection to ensure that the product quality is affected by the damage caused by the situation, manufacturers can use the product in the market to create trafficking in the creation of economic value, but from the market feedback information, storage links appear quality loss The occurrence of the situation is still quite common, it is necessary to ensure that the composite hose storage links do not appear damage, what needs to do protection work.
First, the storage location of the wet processing, composite hose products in the storage part of the need for comprehensive control of environmental moisture factors to reduce the humidity factors that may cause damage to the product, to ensure the storage position to maintain ventilation integrity and reduce the formation of wet particles, Will form a damage situation, the overall effect of the use of integrity, manufacturers use these products to meet market customer needs, the formation of adequate profit margins support.
Second, the use of ventilation equipment, the rainy season, not a long time to open the warehouse location, or rain will cause moisture erosion products, the use of ventilation equipment can be a comprehensive solution to the formation of moisture problems, not the formation of product damage, product quality to be comprehensive Guarantee, manufacturers can use products to create a rich economy.


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