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About Us

Shanghai PME Industrial Co., Ltd., that is PME, a diverse manufacturer and supplier of high performance industrial products and solutions for oil & gas exploration markets and other industries, is known roundly today for quality and service. At PME, we take great pride in offering a wide range of products to help our customers, professional contractors, companies on productivity, durability and increased efficiency.


Over the years, PME has grown to be the most reputable and experienced team of industry professionals in China with top design engineers and sophisticated processing equipments. Due to the versatility of our equipments and the quality of our personnel and customer service, PME can do your job faster and more efficiently at a lower cost. We guarantee prompt friendly service to convince our customers to come back to us time and time again.


An enterprise is more than just the sum of its employees, buildings, machinery and processes. It is also about more than merely making products or providing services. PME is, above all, a strong and dependable community of people who work together to attain objectives. Those people must pull together and identify with the enterprise.



To perpetually meet our customers’ supply requirements while consistently exceeding their expectations.



To offer a superb level of service and after sales care from you first inquiry through to your purchase and beyond.



To be the most trusted leader in solutions for industrial application. Every day. Everywhere.


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