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Hose Spiral Guard

Spiral guard is a light weight product that is a cost effective way of producting your hoses  and cables from abrasion and impact.Spiral wrap is designed to bundle and/or protect hose and cables from abrasion.Manufactured from tough polythene.It is ultra violet stabilised and is unaffected by most petroleum based products including oil.
*suitable for the protection of most types of hydraulic pneumatic & industrial       
*hose assemblies across a wide range of industries.                                                                                  
*Exceptional anti-crushing performance.
*High abrasion resistance.
*Good resistance to UV rays.
*Easy to fit -reduces risk of industrial injury.
*Suitable for wrapping single hoses or multiple hose looms.
*Proven in arduous conditions.
*Conveniently coiled and packed in cartons for easy storage.
*Color:include black and yellow on all sizes and Red and blue are available as a stock.

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