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PME Ram Blowout Preventer (BOP) is the most widely used blowout preventer in the world today. Its simple, compact design makes it well suited for subsea or surface drilling operations. The Ram assembly provides a pressure-energized seal with maximum contact area to the drill pipe, casing, or tubing. This ensures a lower rubber pressure to the pipe and increased seal life.

- Type: Cameron U/ Shaffer LWS / Shaffer SL(Double and Single)
- Pressure rating, 2000PSI to 15000PSI
- Size Range: 7-1/16” to 21-1/4”
- Material, Forgeing / Casting
- Connection: Flanged/Studded/Hub
- Side outlets: Flanged / Studded / Hub
- Operations: Manual / Hydraulic
- Temperature, T-20
- Brand: SK, SY, TH, Etc.
- Production: Made in China ( also available for OEM)
- Price: same price as manufacturer.
- Also available upon to customer request.
- Freight terms: FOB / CIF/ DAT

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