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Coflex Hoses


Choke and Kill Lines

Coflex flexible hoses are for drilling and service both onshore and offshore in applications as choke and kill lines. Choke and kill lines are essential to control the well control equipment. Coflex flexible hoses are specifically designed to handle the high pressures and flowrates this use requires.

All coflex hoses are designed in accordance with API 16C, composed of inner core, double cross wireline layer, heat-insulation layer, fire-resistance layer, buffering and sealing layer, and stainless steel jacket.

High pressure flexible hoses are required in combination with flexibility and reliability in high pressure resistance, thermal insulation, anti-flaming, fire resistance and high abrasion resistance inner wall.




ID: 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2" and 4"

Testing Pressure: up to 15,000Psi

Working Pressure: 5,000 Psi, 7,5000Psi, 10,000Psi

Temperature: -20℃~+121℃

Connection: Welding or integral forged unions, flanges, clamp connection type, or can be designed according to customer requirements.


Specs on the Choke & Kill hoses we supply:

2", 3", 4" \ 5,000 PSI W.P \ 7,500 PSI TEST Choke and Kill hose

2", 3", 4" \ 7,500 PSI W.P \ 11,250 PSI TEST Choke and Kill hose

2", 3", 4" \ 10,000 PSI W.P \ 15,000 PSI TEST Choke and Kill hose



Inner rubber layer: oil-resistant, acid and base resistant and wear resistant synthetic rubber

Reinforced layer: multiple-layer high tensile steel wire wound

Outer rubber layer: oil-resistant, aging-resistant and wear resistant neoprene rubber 

Fire-resistant layer: fire-resistant synthetic rubber

External braided steel wire layer: braided by stainless steel wire

External armored layer: stainless steel



RFQs by size, length, working pressure, connections (ends) , best price will be offered accordingly. 


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