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Thursday, 26 September 2019 03:33

Looking for Choke and Kill Hose Manufacturer from China?

Are you looking for reliable choke and kill hose assembly manufacturer from China market?


Select 2019 high quality flexible choke kill hose lines in best price, API 16C authorized, contact PME Industrial.


MOQ: 1 pcs

Price in US $1000-15000

Place of Origin: China


1" Coflex Hoses Technip FMC Coflexip Type, Weco Hammer Union Ends

2" FIG1502 Female x Male quick disconnect coflex hoses 

3" 10K  coflexip hose 55 ft 3 hub bx 154 inc 625 both ends

3" 15M C&K Co flexip Hose FIG1502 MxF

2-1/16" Coflex Hose 6 meters Hammer Union 2" FIG1002 FM

3" 5000Psi WP 30ft armoured coflex hose Unions 3" FIG602 MF

Choke Lines and Kill Lines SS BOP exchangeable with Continental

Choke and Kill Line Hose in 4 Inch, Hammer Union Welded FIG1502 Male x Female, 100 FT

Choke Line Coflex Hose ASSY 6 inches in surface well testing, API Flanges

Coflexip type 3 inch, 30 ft, 10 Psi choke kill line with API 3-1/16" 10K Flanges

Fire Resistance Choke and Kill Hose 3 Inch ID x 36 Feet Long Gates Black Gold Assembly

High Pressure Choke & Kill Hoses 3" 5000Psi API Flanges, standard Service & Sour Service


For more infos, feel free to contact PME Sales Team. 


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