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Friday, 23 February 2024 06:18

Premium Mud API 7K and Cement Hose API 16C Available from China's Supplier

The below mud and cement hoses are manufactured by PME Industrial according to API 7K and API 16C.


Each hose own unique serial number for identification and traceability. SN is marked on the nameplate of the hose connection, pressure test report and quality certificate.


PME high pressure mud hose features 4 inch ID, 5000 Psi, 30 meters, with both connections in 4" NPT Male from one side to the other side. The mud hoses are manufactures as API 7K Standards. Two sets of safety clamps and slings are provided with each mud hose.


API 16C cementing hoses, also working as choke hose, with normal bore size 2 inch, fire resistance, working pressure 15000 Psi, with integral union type connection 2" FIG1502 Male x Female from both sides length 15 meter.


API 7K Mud Hose

4", WP 5000 Psi, 30 Meter, 4" NPT Male


API 16C Cement Hose

2", WP 15000 Psi, 15 Meter, 2" FIG1502 MxF



PME mud and cement hoses come with quality certificate and pressure test report with charts after assembly and pressure testing. NPT Inspection will be conducted on the hoses connection ends like MPI for welded area.


Find top quality API 7K and API 16C Certified Hoses in China, reach PME team as the most reliable supllier!


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