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BOP Control System

PME Blowout Preventer Control System API 16D

Model: FKQ1440, FKQ1280, FKQ960, FKQ840, FKQ800, FKQ720, FKQ640, FKQ480, FKQ320, FKQ240, FK240, FK125



What is PME Surface BOP control system?

Shanghai PME FKQ blowout preventer control system, also called onshore land closing unit, is for control system for surface mounted bop stacks. PME BOP control system is strictly designed manufactured and inspected according to specifications of SY/T5053.2-2001 and API Spec 16D.

Same as Koomey BOP Control System, Cameron BOP Control System, NOV BOP Control System, BPMF BOP Control System, Shanghai PME blowout preventer stacks of all specifications can be configured with the corresponding floor blowout preventer control equipments as triplex plunger pump, pneumatic pump, 3-position 4-way rotary valve, manual (pneumatic control) valve to improve oil drilling and guarantee well control operation in well repair.

PME skid mounted blowout preventer control accumulator group has a volume from 125 L to 1440 L. Surface BOP control system ranges from 2 to 14 stacks. Products with special models and functions can also be designed according to PME Industrial customers' requirements. 

BOP Control Unit

FKQ Serial

Accumulator Group Tank Capacity
Motor Power
Pump System Flow
Total Capacity
Fluid Capacity
Electrical Pump
Pneumatic Pump
FKQ1440-14 60x24 720 2300 18.5x2 46x2 60x4
FKQ1280-8 80x16 640 1650 18.5x5 46x2 60x2
FKQ960-8 60x16 480 1650 18.5x2 46x2 60x2
FKQ840-8 60x14 420 1600 18.5 46 60x2
FKQ800-7 40x20 400 1600 18.5 46 60x2
FKQ720-6 60x12 360 1290 18.5 46 60x2
FKQ640-6 40x12 320 1290 18.5 46 60x2
FKQ480-5 40x12 200 1100 18.5 46 60x2
FKQ320-4 40x8 160 790 11 35 60x1
FK240-4 40x6 120 550 11 35 60x1
FK240-3 40x6 120 550 11 20  
FK125-3 25x5 62.5 440 7.5 20  
FK125-2 25x5 62.5 440 7.5 20  


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