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Handle Type Quick Couplings


Series of handle type quick couplings
Quick coupling is a kind of quick installation and removable fitting, no tools required. It is widely used of hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication flow conveying line system.

Detailed technical parameters:
One eccentric cam operating arm is respectively installed two sides of inserting sleeve of stainless steel quick fitting; insert the inserting shaft into the sleeve, press two-side operation arm down, using eccentric cam principle, force the inserting shaft down to contact the seal pad to brake.

It has following features:
1. Simple structure, easy operation, quick connection and on/off.
2. Compact, light, good seal performance and interchangeability.
3. It can be suitable all kinds of working conditions, widely for liquid, powder, or other mediums.
4. Fitting connection has tapered pipe internal thread, external thread, inserting pipe connection, flange connection.
5. Model: 1/2"-8", working pressure: 1.0MPa-2.0MPa
6. Operation temperature: -40℃-+250℃

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