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BOP Well Control Hose


BOP Control Hoses

API 16D BOP control hoses (BOP hydraulic control lines) used for blow-out prevention systems are manufactured with superior components to operate withstand tough crisis oilfield conditions. These hoses are designed to hold full working pressure and allow continued operation of the BOP control systems ever in the harshest of fires.

BOP control hoses feature in high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and fire resistance. Specified standard API 16D, blowout preventer hoses are ideally suited for high pressure hydraulic applications for drilling well control equipments, and capable of containing the hose rated working pressure in a flame temperature of 1300°F (700°C) for a 5-minute period.


BOP Hose Construction

Tube: oil resistant synthetic rubber;

Reinforcement: 4 or 6 high tensile steel wire spirals;

Cover: oil and fire resistant synthetic rubber (5-minutes at 1300°F);

Operating temperature: -40°C to +121°C (-40°F to +249.8°F);

Operating pressure: 5000psi (35MPa);

Hose diameter: 6mm to 51mm;

Hose length: up to 90ft.


Product Category

High-molecular polymer external coated type, stainless steel armored type external coated type, outer stainless steel wire external coated type.


Double Hook Stainless Steel Armored Type


High-molecular Polymer External Coated Type



BOP control hydraulic hoses are made with 1/4" to 2" inside diameter and 5000 psi working pressure at ambient temperature. Four or six stainless steel wire spirals provides high pressure. 


RFQs by size, length, working pressure, connections (ends) , best price will be offered accordingly. 


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