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Tuesday, 15 August 2017 03:42

Wire - reinforced hoses cutting method

Cutting thread reinforcement hose can be done with tools such as scissors or knives, but how to cut the wire to strengthen the hose?
Cut metal wire reinforced hose, in addition to scissors or knives, but also for other cutting tools. When it comes to wire cutting tools, the first thing to think of is pliers or pliers. Fitted with pliers or pliers generally in the toolbox, so their usage is very high.
But in most cases the use of a pliers or pliers will cut the wires with sharp hoses, which can easily lead to dangerous incisions. In addition, the soft metal commonly used in ordinary shear wire or wire cutting machine, this hard metal hose cutting line, ordinary clamp clamp edge prone to wear phenomenon. There is a tool called "wire clamp", not only in front of a jaw, blade surface is also very smooth, hard plastic part of the front hose is not easy to open. In addition, due to rough cutting, on the other hand, it also reduces a lot of hidden dangers.

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