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Tuesday, 10 September 2019 07:52

Pup Joints Forging

PME Pup Joints are forged with material 4130 or others as clients required. After forging and machining procedure, mechanical properties are guaranteed after heat treatment with MTC ( Material of Certificate) and NDT Test reports. 

Pup Joints, also named pipe straights, are main parts of high pressure flowline products with hammer unions male x female and API flanges like 3-1/8", 3-1/16", 4-1/16" as two ends. Working Pressure from 2000 Psi to 20000 Psi, application for Standard (STD) Service and Sour Service (H2S). 


Regular specification of forged pup joints is as below: 

Pup Joints, 4 inch, FIG1502 MxF, 10 FT, Standard, QTY: 10 Pcs

2", FIG1502 MxM, 10 FT, Sour Service, QTY: 7 Nos

Pup Joints Assembly, 3", FIG1502, M x F, Union Ends, 15ft,  QTY: 6 Sets

1 ft, 1502 Pup Joints Male x Female 15000 Psi as per proforma invoice, QTY: 12 pcs

4", FIG206, Forged Pup Joints, Male x Female, 3 FT, QTY: 20 pcs

Pup Joints Assembly, 2" FIG1502, MxF, Union Ends, 2 meter length, 15000 Psi, Welded, Standard Service

Integral pup joint, 15000 Psi, Fig1502FM, 3FT for oilfield equipment, H2S Service

Pup Joints, 3 x 3 welded, FIG 15025, 10K Psi, H2S for Oilwell Supply

Pup Joints, 2 FIG 1502 MxF 1Ft long, 50 pcs exported


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