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PME Forged 4130 Integral Pup Joints in 2 Inch 3 Inch Standard Service Packing Photos

PME integral pup joints are forged from material AISI 4130 in high grade alloy steel. It also called one piece pipe straight as terminal connection unions are forged integrally with pipe body, but not welded pup joints.


Proceeded with forging, drilling, heat treatment by quenching and tempering, sand blasting and machining, pup joints PME forge for our clients by premium alloy steel material code 4130. Chemical composition, mechanical property and ultrasonic testing result is issued on PME certificates report for each manufacturing procedure.


Besides of integral pup joints, PME Industrial also forge plug valves wp 10000psi, 15000psi, hammer unions including male ends, female ends and wing nutsswivel joint style 10 style 50 style 80integral fittings like elbows, tees (MxMxM, FxMxF, FxFxF) as the drawings offered by our clients or PME technical drawing approval by clients.


For finished forging and machining integral pup joints, some specification parameters as below might be helpful for your review.


Integral Fitting, 2", FIG 1502, Made of Forged Alloy Steel, 1ft

3", FIG 1502 M x F, Integral Pup Joints, Standard Service, 3 Feet

4", Length in 5 ft, Forging Straight Pipe Assembly

2", FIG 602, Female x Male, Integral Pup Joints, H2S Service, 8ft

Pup Joint Assembly, 2 inch for 15000Psi, Figure 1502, length in 10 feet

PME Integral Pup Joints 3 x 12 ft, integral, 1502 m x f, Working Pressure 15000Psi. 


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