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Friday, 06 August 2021 06:20

China Swivel Joints 1-1/2" Style 30, Working Same FMC Chiksan API 6A

PME is working harder to deliver fluid control solution by supplying quality flowline equipments, which are widely used in cementing, acidizing, testing and fracturing application for onshore and offshore.


PME Flowline Irons including swivel joint, integral pup joints, plug valve, integral fittings, choke valve, check valve, hose loop, gate valves, data head, are exchangeable with FMC Chiksan, SPM, WECO.


PME Chiksan Type Swivel Joints are made of high strength alloy steel with heat treatment process. The swivel joints style 30 short radius are used as pipeline connection. Technical parameter and performance are in line with API 6A.


PME Swivel Joint Specification:

Description: Swivel Joints

Normal Size: 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4"

Cold Working Pressure: 6000 psi, 10000 psi, 15000 psi, 20000 psi

Style: Style 10, Style 20, Style 30, Style 40, Style 50, Style 60, Style 70, Style 80, Style 100

Type: Long Radius / Sweep, Short Radius / Sweep

End Connection: Union End FIG 602, FIG 1002, FIG 1502, FIG 2202, Line Pipe Thread

Service: Standard Service and Sour Gas Service are both available


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