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Friday, 31 March 2023 13:24

Low Torque Plug Valve 2 Inch WP 5000 Psi Thread Female x Female

Most plug valves for high pressure flow control are ends with Hammer Union Male and Female.


PME Industrial mainly produce the low torque valves 2" and 3".


The connection of Plug Valves are FIG 602 MxF, FIG 1002 MxF, FIG 1502 MxF.


Rated pressure is WP 5000 Psi, WP 10000 Psi and WP 15000 Psi for standard service or H2S Sour Gas Service. NACE-01-75 is available.


But PME also supply the integral plug valve with thread connections for customer's specific fluid control demand.


The photo below are for PME Plug Valve 2" Thread x Thread, performing at high pressure and integral construction.


We also supply the full set of Plug Valve Female x Female to enlong the valve working life save clients purchase cost.


Low Torque Plug Valve

Size: 2" x 2"

Working Pressure: 5000 Psi, 15000 Psi

Ends: Male x Female, Female x Female

Service: Standard Service


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