Introduction of rubber hose connection - Oilfield Drilling Equipment Supply & Solutions
Wednesday, 01 March 2017 02:54

Introduction of rubber hose connection

     1. When the rubber connector is installed, it is strictly forbidden to install the limit.
     2. Install the bolt to be symmetrical, step by step tightening to prevent local leakage.
     3.1.6MPa above the working pressure, the installation of bolts to have elastic pressure pad, to prevent the work when the bolt loose.
     4. Vertical installation of the joints at both ends of the pipe should be vertical support, can take anti-pull off device to prevent the work of pressure pull off.
     5. The mounting parts of the rubber joint should be kept away from the heat source. Ozone area. Strong radiation exposure is strictly prohibited and use medium that does not meet the requirements of this product.
     6. Rubber joints in the transport handling is strictly prohibited sharp instruments cut through the surface, sealing surface

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